Seminar Topics

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Co-ownership, co-ops and condos

         • Explanation of each form of ownership

         • The differences between each form of ownership

         • Pros and cons of each form of ownership

Assignments of Agreements

         • What are assignments and the role of the Assignor, Assignee and the original seller

         • The basic terms of the assignment agreement and what costs does each party pay

         • Key issues 

The Role of Good Faith in Real Estate Transactions

         • What is good faith and in terms of an agreement of purchase and sale ie a written contract

         • The legal obligation of the parties to act in good faith

         • The consequences for the buyer or seller when not acting in good faith and the effect on the transaction

Strategies for when a real estate transaction is not closing

         • The reason(s) for the transaction possibly not closing and the available remedies

         • Remedies for the buyer

         • Remedies for the seller

Oral Contracts

         • What is an oral contract and the effect/consequences of these contracts in real estate law where written contract are required.

         • Contract law (unjust enrichment, part performance etc) and Remedies 

What You Need to know in today’s Real Estate Market

         • Know Your Real Estate Market

         • Qualify the Client- Buyer and Seller

         • Buyer’s financing- Qualifying

         • Access Rights

         • Conditions

         • Drafting Provisions in the agreement

         • Easements

         • Closing Issues and Educating the Client

         • Services (Makeing yourself distinct)

         • Survey

         • POA issues

         • Ask for Help (from you Manager, your Broker of Record, and your Lawyer)